Medication that helps prevent HIV Contraction

Free PrEP Available

You may have heard Step Up PrEP Up ® and there is no better time than now to call us and get it for free! If you have been searching for DESCOVY for PrEP®, come see us and we can help you get it for free.

We also offer free HIV Testing. Why does that matter? Well, in order to get your prescription for PrEP®, you have to have a negative HIV test. Every 3 months you will need to get another HIV test and at that time we can get you a refill.

We not only cover PrEP® medication needs, you may know someone with HIV who requires regular antiretroviral treatments. Check out some of the things we offer here at Curative Care Center.

Curative Care Center Offers:

Please do not hesitate to call our clinic with any questions or to make an appointment 321-508-0999