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HIV Testing & Treatment

HIV Testing for Free

In 60 seconds, our rapid result HIV test will show reactive HIV antibodies!

With a simple finger prick test during your first office visit, you will know whether or not you have HIV reactive antibodies. Our rapid result Free HIV test reveals reactive or non reactive antibodies within 60 seconds. If you test positive for reactive antibodies, the next step is a blood draw which can be done in our office or at an offsite lab. This blood draw is for the confirmation report of HIV. Results come back within two weeks or less. However, we can start the HIV treatment immediately, before you leave our office, our onsite pharmacy will make sure you have the medication you need in hand. Our office is a test and treat center. We will be with you every step of the way.

Curative Care Center Offers:​

Long Term HIV Treatment Center

With over 30 years experience in HIV treatment, our center is ready to be your trusted source for ongoing care, medication and support. There are a limited amount of HIV treatment centers for those in need of antiretroviral medication & therapy in East Central Florida. Curative Care Center will assist with treatment, medication & visits through our financial assistance program if you are not insured. Our test and treat center offers a private, comfortable setting for your office visits with an expanded list of benefits available to our patients. Our financial aid service list covers more amenities than your local health department or free clinic. Download Patient Forms to read more about our long term continuing care and benefits offered in our financial assistance program.

HIV Medication / Antiretroviral Cost

We will assist with HIV treatment, medication & visits through our facility if you are not insured.

You no longer have to worry about your HIV treatment costs for the antiretroviral medication that works best for you. At Curative Care Center, we offer financial assistance for anyone regardless of insurance restrictions, no insurance coverage or your personal financial stability. Our process is quite simple, it starts with enrollment and you can Download Patient Forms. Look in our main menu for our patient forms page.